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The Design to Win Academy is one of the initiatives of Extra MILE Innovators, a personal development and book publishing services company, founded by author C. Ruth Taylor. 

It is built around the content of Ruth’s Amazon bestselling book “Design to Win Road Map,” and the book series which provides a framework for life change, progress and success for people of all ages.  

The Academy teaches persons how to use the principles of design to live an effective life, both now and for all eternity. We empower people through personal development training, mentoring, coaching and other initiatives to teach people the keys to win in their personal, spiritual and professional lives. 

Get a Free Copy of “Design to Win Road Map” to chart your journey to success today!

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The DTW Book Series

Get a Copy of the Design to Win Road Map Series to Empower Yourself and Others to Win

Adults, Ages 35-90
US$7.99 Ebook |$14.95 Print Book

For Training Youths and Young Adults
US$12.95 Print Book

For Training Youths and Young Adults
US$12.95 Print Book

For Training Youths and Young Adults
US$12.95 Print Book

Design2Win Initiatives

Empowering you with the keys to win at life both now and for all eternity.

Personal Development

Learn how to discover your purpose, decide on your major goals and devise the best strategy to bring your goals to life.

Discover the Art of Life Hurdling and learn the life management skills you need to move from where you are to where you want to be.


Mentoring & Coaching

We have a mentoring program which empowers youths to be fit for work and fit for life. We also provide 1:1 coaching to career professionals to help them become more fruitful and  fulfilled in their lives.


The Design2Win Show

We have an internet based radio program streamed in the U.S.A, Canada and the UK on  Wednesdays at 7:30p.m Eastern Time. We also air these programs on YouTube and Facebook. Tune in for winning Caribbean stories, life strategies and inspiration to win at life.


Books & Courses

Check out the Design to Win Road Map series of books, workbooks and courses to help youths and adults to create a winning future. These are used individually or in our coaching, mentoring and other empowerment initiatives.



Hear the feedback from a few of our clients.

I am really grateful for your motivation in this season of my life. I am more involved at work meetings. I have hit the 10 million target goal even before the time… I am mentoring the young lady. We have been sharing and I am doing my best to keep her empowered… working on spending more time in the Word of God… I am more determined to live an overcoming life no matter what.

Kerone Williams

Design to Win Coaching Client, Tropical Battery Jamaica

I was at a season in my life where I needed to put my purpose into perspective. I was asking a lot of questions about how to structure my life to accomplish all I know I am meant to be and do. That’s when I stumbled upon Design to Win Fundamentals.

This course has allowed me to think through some tough questions in order to answer the questions that I had. If you’re in a situation where you need that structure at your fingertips, you can get the tools needed right here. If you are unclear on where to begin your life, DTW takes you on a journey from where you are, leading you with great clarity to where you need to be.

My most impactful times were my coach­ing emails and session with my DTW coach, Cameka, where I was able to get a clearer picture of my own life from an objective perspective.

DTW fundamentals will change the way you think about life and leave you with an insatiable thirst for growth and success.

 —Jheanelle Foster

Online Course Participant, Author


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